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How Cold-Room Panels Are Perfect For Food Processing and Storage Facilities

Every business has different requirements for its smooth functioning and maintenance of resources. Talking about food processing units which include, product storage or wineries, restaurants or ice cream parlors, you may realize that the one thing which has its utmost importance is temperature control. Wines and prepared food are such things that require adequate temperature for maintaining long-term freshness. In order to achieve this, you need to reinforce these food processing and storage facilities with well equipped cold room panels. Employing cold storage panels at food processing units can bring endless benefits to business such as:

  • Reduce Temperature Costs: By using cold room panels for winery or other food storage unit, you can save huge temperature costs. However, these panels are very energy efficient that can reduce operating costs up to 50%.

  • Wide Varity of Options: There are certain cold room panel manufacturers UAE available which serve with a wide variety of cold room panels. It is easy to find custom thicknesses and sizes while choosing cold rooms that fulfill your requirements.

  • Food Safety: As many prepared foods spoil sooner, that is why several food processing facilities fail to deliver products with proper hygiene and freshness. Employing Freezer Truck Dubai can prevent food from deterioration and help companies to maintain their high standard in terms of quality.

There are certain companies which offer top quality cold room panels that fulfill all the refrigeration or cold storage needs of your food processing unit, but they are not as reliable as Collective Technical Services. This is a UAE based company which has built its reputation as a leading cold room panel, electrical panel and switchgear manufacturers in UAE. Along with this, they are specilized in offering a variety of products and services which include, blast chiller and freezer, infrared imaging systems, HVAC installations, remote temperature monitoring and so on.

In addition to this, Collective Technical Services aims to deliver highly innovative and integrated devices and equipment that surpass all the business demands of food processing facilities. They have a proficient team of technical experts which pays meticulous attention to detail in order to serve their clients with highly effective solutions. They also offer refrigerated trucks Dubai for safe transportation of food products. Availing their services lead to reduced energy costs as well as optimal results.

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