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ST. Air Max 720 Weiß . SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. -- It would be a little too clichéd to open a column about changing times by quoting Bob Dylan, but hey, those words helped win him a Nobel Peace in literature, which I believe is like a FedEx Cup trophy to the rest of the non-golf world.And sure, if were really going to discuss how the times are a-changin, we might want to start with the presidential election. Or at the very least, the Chicago Cubs.By comparison, the golf industry is moving at a leisurely pace. But the better point to be made here is that it is indeed moving forward, which hasnt always been the case.For years, industry leaders have cited declines in both the number of people playing the game and the number of people watching the game at its highest level, so much so that the grassroots movement to grow the game has become synonymous with the rhetoric of these leaders.Too often this has just been lip service. Sure, efforts to increase the amount of people playing golf shouldnt go unrecognized, but the worlds biggest tours have largely remained stagnant. The popular takeaway has been that these tours are all in favor of growing the game, just as long as they dont have to veer too far from the status quo.Three announcements in the past week alone, though, have already triggered the changing times in golf.The PGA Tour revealed that next years edition of the Zurich Classic will be a team event, featuring 80 two-man pairings competing alongside each other in the only officially sanctioned non-individual tournament on the schedule.The Tour, the largest developmental tour of the PGA circuit, announced that its season will begin with two events in the Bahamas that are played in consecutive rounds starting on Sunday and finishing on Wednesday in an effort to maximize interest on otherwise golf-less days.The European Tour, fresh off a few non-competitive nighttime challenges before tournaments, is looking into the potential of contesting an entire competitive event under a dark sky and bright lights.These are brilliant ideas, all of them, for the simple reason that theyre not the status quo. That doesnt mean theyll all be endlessly successful or grow the game, but they will break the mold. Theyll move outside a box that has too frequently confined professional events to the usual conformist standards.It can be argued that golf doesnt need such tweaks at its highest levels, at least not in the most literal sense, but it can more easily be argued that new ideas can be beneficial to helping the overall cause.Is it needed? I dont have any idea. I would probably say no, Zach Johnson explained. But can it be a positive in the long run? Absolutely. To add something to a product thats already tremendous and make it better -- whether its lights, dates, formats -- Im all for it. If it can help the game, if it helps fans of the game and makes us players hungrier to play more, sure. I see no issues with it.Its a trial and error process, added Jim Furyk. If its good and the fans like it and the sponsor likes it and the players like it, heck yeah, lets go. Lets keep doing it. If it doesnt work, well come up with some new ideas. Theres nothing wrong with trying.Therein lies an inherent issue with outside the box thinking: It cant only serve one master. These new ideas have to fit the desires of fans, sponsors and players, which is a more difficult concept than it might seem.Each of these ideas proposed in the past week meets all of the criteria. Each should help grow the game -- or at least enhance the entertainment factor -- without failing to fulfill the needs of one of these parties.Obviously, the tried and true traditional fan is always going to watch golf, Brandt Snedeker said. But how do we get the casual fan involved? How do we get people who dont think golf is cool to watch an event? We saw that at the Ryder Cup; people who traditionally dont watch golf watched it. How can we use that to our advantage? Its good to try it, see how it goes, see the fan response and go from there.For too long, golf has remained reluctant to stray from the status quo at professional tournaments. Finally the industry is starting to listen to its own grow the game implorations. Some of the ideas might be instant hits, others might prove to be flops.But thats beside the point. The games leaders are becoming more open to ideas. At least theyre now starting to try some ideas and see what works. Air Max 720 Günstig . He was followed closely by David Clarkson, donning red, seconds later. Clarksons actions one night earlier, leaping off the bench in defence of Kessel during a pre-season game against the Buffalo Sabres, will cost him the first 10 games of the regular season. Air Max Günstig Kaufen .com) - The Calgary Flames aim to bounce back from their first regulation home loss of the campaign on Friday night when they host a Detroit Red Wings club that they swept in three meetings a season ago. . - Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is not a fan of his teams use of the wildcat formation, saying "it makes you look like a high school offence. Its true that every game matters in the College Football Playoff, but you dont know which ones will matter the most until its too late.So heres your rearview mirror perspective.Had the ball bounced a different way in just a handful of games, it could have changed the semifinal picture we have today. Penn State or Michigan could have been in. Ohio State could have been out. Oklahoma might have been in. Clemson could have been out.Heres a look at the games that had the biggest impact on the selection committees final top four, and what could have been:1. Ohio State 45, Oklahoma 24 (Sept. 17): Proof that strength of schedule still matters. Im not sure Ohio State would have been in the [playoff] this year, CFP executive director Bill Hancock said, if it hadnt gone and played Oklahoma. The Buckeyes wound up beating the Big 12 champion on the road, which helped them compensate for a lack of a division or league title. The Sooners finished No. 7 in the CFPs final ranking, giving OSU three wins against top-10 teams, along with Michigan and Wisconsin. On the flip side, imagine if OU had won this game. Even with the season-opening loss to Houston, the Sooners would have been undefeated in Big 12 play with a win over the Buckeyes, finishing at 11-1. Would that have been enough to give them the edge over Washington for the No. 4 spot? It certainly would have created a bigger debate.2. Ohio State 30, Michigan 27 in 2 OT (Nov. 26): What if The Spot had been short of the first down on fourth-and-1 from the 16? What if Curtis Samuel never had the chance for that ensuing 15-yard touchdown run? If Michigan would have won The Game, it would have won the East and would have played Wisconsin -- a team it already defeated -- for the Big Ten title. Michigan was literally inches away from an entirely different ending to its story. No wonder Jim Harbaugh was bitterly disappointed.3. Michigan 49, Penn State 10 (Sept. 24): This was the dagger in PSUs résumé. Selection committee chair Kirby Hocutt said the Nittany Lions were non-competitive. But if PSU had been healthy defensively, if it had won this game or even shown a pulse, would the committee have put it in the top four instead of Washington? If the Nittany Lions only loss had been to Pitt -- which finished No. 23 in the final rankings -- and they had wins over Ohio State and Michigan, its hard to fathom the Big Ten champs being out of the final top four.4. Navy 46, Houston 40 (Oct. 8): This loss was devastating to Houston on so many levels. The Cougars beat Oklahoma in the opener in what looked at the time was a program-changing win. A top-four finish seemed possible -- until the loss iin Annapolis. Nike Air Max 270 Schweiz. As the Group of 5s best chance at the playoff, Houston knew it needed an undefeated season to be taken seriously in the playoff conversation. It was never able to get back on track, losing two weeks later at SMU. Houstons decline also impacted Louisvilles résumé down the stretch.5. Clemson 42, Louisville 36 (Oct. 1): Louisville was stopped one yard short on fourth down -- a yard! -- with 33 seconds left in the game, and Clemson escaped as the top playoff contender in the ACC. In spite of the loss, though, there were some who argued Louisville was still a top-four team (at least until it lost to Houston). If Louisville had won this game, though, and had wins over both FSU and Clemson, it would have been undefeated heading into Houston and could have impacted how the Cardinals finished the season. Louisville would have been playing for the ACC title, and a whole lot more.6. Colorado 27, Utah 22 (Nov. 26): If Utah would have won this game, three-loss USC would have won the Pac-12 South. Then what? Washington would have had a second chance to beat the only team it lost to during the regular season, and the committee probably would have had Washington in with a win over USC, too. What if USC would have won, though? The Pac-12 probably would have been left out entirely.7. Central Michigan 30, Oklahoma State 27 (Sept. 10): In what was arguably the most controversial finish of the season, the officials incorrectly extended the game for one final play when it should have been over, allowing CMU to score on a Hail Mary and lateral (huh?!). The Cowboys and Mike Gundy were stunned and their disbelief lasted all season long. Had the officiating gaffe not happened, Oklahoma State would have been 3-0 heading into its next game against Baylor, a game in which it lost. The 2-2 start before October changed the entire season for the Cowboys and despite Gundys protests, it was a record that couldnt be changed in the eyes of the committee.8. Washington 45, Washington State 17 (Nov. 25): This game weighed heavily on the Pac-12s playoff hopes. If Washington would have lost the Apple Cup, Washington State would have won the North, and theres no way the committee would have put the three-loss Cougars in the playoff. The Pac-12 would have then had to hope that two-loss Colorado won the league, and even then wouldnt have any guarantee. Instead, it helped boost Washingtons playoff résumé and catapulted the Huskies back into the committees top four after sitting at No. 5 the previous week. Wholeslae Jerseys NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NBA Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys Cheap Football Jerseys Cheap Basketball Jerseys Cheap Baseball Jerseys ' ' '  

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