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liuyi Mar 13

treatment: the wall should be clean and free of floating dust, oil and other obstructions attachments in the primary wall pass, hanging vertical and horizontal lines, wiping the cement mortar leveling layer, leveling layer should be plaster Layer. A plaster should not exceed the thickness of 10mm, with 2m test ruler check, the maximum deviation of less than 4mm, the ultra-poor part should be ticking repair formation, the prominent

wall decoration eaves line, window cover, balcony and other parts to be waterproof. 3, the wall hanging line: In the yin and yang corner of the building wall and other necessities hanging out of the vertical reference control line, the appropriate level of each floor hanging horizontal line to control the verticality and flatness of the insulation board. 4, Modulation Special Binder (1) Modulation dedicated interface adhesive with a

person responsible, according to the requirements of the product manual modulation, require mixing, moderate consistency, to ensure that the interface agent has a certain viscosity. (2) the modulation of a good interface adhesive according to the requirements of the product manual, allowed to stand stirring again after a few minutes before use. 5, paste the insulation board (1) insulation board construction should be based

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