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liuyi Mar 13 '18

1, after the new house is renovated, do not rush to stay. Because the release of formaldehyde in the residence is a slow process, so new houses should be placed at least 2 months to ensure that formaldehyde and other building materials such as laminate flooring to try to release.

2, placing plants in the room for adsorption of formaldehyde also have some effect. So owners can buy some green plants home, such as Monstera, green radish, Chlorophytum, evergreen, aloe vera and other green plants bonsai can, these green plants can absorb harmful substances in the air. Chlorophytum is one of the plants in the "formaldehyde removal of the king," can absorb more than 80% of indoor harmful gases, but remember to change frequently. Adsorption effect will be better oh.

3, with the rapid progress of science and technology, already have a new addition to formaldehyde products, such as Photocatalyst Elimination Act. Its principle is that when organic matter (hydrocarbon) and some inorganic matter come into contact with photocatalyst surface through air convection, they are adsorbed and oxidized and decomposed, and finally decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. After the general use of photocatalyst elimination method, a month after the re-examination, so that you can effectively avoid the suspicion of harmful gas rally.

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