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liuyi Feb 12 '18

In order to maintain the appearance of solid wood flooring or parquet and extend the life of the paint, the new flooring is best to use less wood oil and solid wax. Some poor quality oil sprayed on the floor surface, it will infiltrate the cracks in the floor, although increased brightness, but walk up will be crunching, but affect the results. And once the floor is sprayed with essential oils, it is hard to deal with the dust. The role of wood oil is to make the floor brightness is good.

Solid wood flooring with its natural texture, high durability, access to many consumers. There was a crack in the wood floor and consumers should wax solid wood on the floor. Solid wood flooring tend to retain a certain amount of water, water loss and shrinkage of the wooden floor, the floor from the seam will increase. At this point, the solid wax on the floor, will reduce the extent of expansion from the seam.

Qin view humidity. Observed to the indoor temperature is high, the air is dry, should increase the humidity, such as putting water in the room, you can also use the humidifier; rainy days, air humidity, should open the window ventilation. Solid wood floor like temperature below 28 ��, humidity at 50% -60%. If the natural humidity is not reached, it is recommended to humidify the humidifier.

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