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liuyi Feb 10 '18

1, when installing the floor insulation should pay attention to: When using the geothermal floor, consumers must pay attention to step by step to the floor and the floor heating. Before installation, the concrete floor temperature should be gradually increased by 5 �� daily until it reaches about 18 �� so far. In the first 3 days after the installation is completed, the temperature should be maintained for 3 days before it can be warmed up as needed, and the temperature can only be raised by 5 �� per day.

2, pay attention to warming step by step: the first use of geothermal heating, attention should be slowly warming. For the first time, the first three days of heating should be gradually warmed: the first day the water temperature is 18 ��, the next day 25 ��, the third day 30 ��, the fourth day can rise to the normal temperature, the water temperature 45 ��, the surface temperature 28 �� ~ 30 ��. Can not heat up too fast, too fast, the floor may be due to swell cracking phenomenon. In addition, a long time after the reactivation of geothermal heating system, but also as the first use as it, in strict accordance with the heating program warming.

3, the surface temperature can not be too high: It should be noted that the use of geothermal heating, the surface temperature should not exceed 28 ��, the water temperature can not exceed 45 ��, if more than this temperature, it will affect the floor life and life cycle. The average family, the winter temperature reaches about 22 ��, it has been very comfortable, normal warming, it will not affect the use of geothermal floor.

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