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Islam is the world's second-largest religion and is followed by 1.8 billion of the global population. Islam's principal belief is that God is merciful, powerful and loving. There is a huge population of Muslim brotherhood across the world that follows Islam and the principles of Sharia. Islamism is a notion whose definition has been discussed in both public and scholastic contexts. Islamism refers to various kinds of political and social activism promoting its personal and political way of life which is guided by Islamic laws or more precisely it is a complete adherence to Sharia.

Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe or FIOE is an umbrella organisation and was established in 1989 to represent the Muslim fraternity in Europe and intends to promote Muslim interests in Europe. The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe works on subjects that they feel affects the Muslim people in Europe. For instance, they speak about how Muslims are treated in the different countries of Europe. The FIOE website further serves as a stage for debate and other discussions, and covers information on the law and intentions of the organisation, which concludes that Muslims are “an indispensable part of a European society”.

Such claims as described on their website talk about the cultural development and the focus on introduction of Islam and its values. It also serves as a support network for Muslims in Europe, supporting them to complete their religious duties, conserve their cultural identity and take care of their social and moral affairs by helping them to build schools, mosques and other social organisations.

The FIOE is funded mostly by the gulf sources and the rich families of United Arab Emirates. According to the US Intel reports, the FIOE has hideous relations with the Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist organization Hamas and Hamas fund-raising organisations. There are many Muslims who donate from all around the world for the betterment of their clan.

Yet, there are many hoax organisations that take funds in the name of NGOs and use the funds for supporting terrorist activities. Thus, it is practically impossible to find out which organisation is real and which one is fake for a common Muslim. recognizes the genuine institutions around the world and provides you with great information about all the NGOs that are working for the prosperity of Muslims.

About is a website that provides the details about locations of genuine Islamic Organisation where you can donate. You can read all about these organisations on Turkpress.

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Islam is the second largest religion in the world followed by around 1.8 billion people worldwide. No doubt, Islam has a great number of followers and true devotees; it is the newest and the biggest religions right now. Predominantly Islam has its roots and major following in the Middle East, but its wings are spread all over the world form America, Africa to the South Asian continent. True and original teachings of Islam are moral, ethical and practically good. Islam asks its followers to believe in peace, unity and art of giving; all true followers of Islam believe in giving their share for the greater good of mankind and religion.

A plethora of Islamist organizations such as FIOE, IFE, Hamas, MCB (Muslim council of Britain) are working for the good of people and get the humongous amount of monetary donations from the Muslims all around the world as token of support. This shows how much people are into this religion and they are willing to give their hard earned money for the betterment of their people. But, everything in the universe has two sides and unfortunately, not all sides are positive and bright.

As far as the true essence of religion is concerned, no one can point a finger at Islam, but the misguidance, wrong teachings and the act of violence on the name of religion are really hurting Islamism to its core. And the people responsible for the political mishaps try to misuse the devotion and believe of the true followers. On the name of good work and empowerment of Islam and Muslims, terrorist and political leaders ask for the donation from the billions of followers living around the world.

People donating their money with good intention and for the good cause, but at the end of the day that money is getting used for political motives and terrorism, which is wrong. There are Islamic organizations of both right and wrong kind operating right out there and donors should only send their money to those organizations who really want to make a change and want to work for the greater good of the religion and people. is a prominent web portal that is working deliberately to provide people with right information and right data. A map available on this portal lists all major and minor Islamist organization working around the globe. With the help of their information and data, people can donate to right people.

About is an Islamic web portal from where you can get name and location of all Islamic organizations like Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Turkpress and more.

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Having a house of your own is very important; it gives you a sense of comfort and security which is an imperative thing. One has to have one or more house. A house is not just a shelter for you and your family it is also a status symbol and a fruitful asset for the times of need. Especially in an economy like Spain, a housing property is a great investment and people should always be ready to invest in real estate. A Costa Del Sol property for sale can be a game changer for the seller, as the real estate market can take turnaround at any point of the time and the values of your housing property can hike dramatically overnight.

Generally, you buy a house for the sake of living in it, but that is not the only utility of a housing property. For instance, buying a house in a place like Costa Del Sol can be a great holiday home as well as a great investment. Residential properties make the best investment; in the first place, this investment of yours will always be safe and you are bound to get the unexpectedly high returns. If you are investing in a real estate, then the chances of a loss are very less because real estate market hardly ever experience any kind of downfall.

Considering the fast growth of the overall economy of Spain and its growing tourist and real estate industry, this is the right time to in real estate. Whether you want to live in a Fuengirola Beach Apartments or want just any house in downtown, Costa Del Sol is a place that has all kinds of properties to offer. With the support of right real estate agents like Arriba Estates, you can take the most out of the local real estate market. Arriba Estates is a premium real estate agency in the Spain having strong industry networks, business links and most importantly intense experience. They have listed al their properties on their website; you might just find your dream project at the Arriba Estates website.

About Arriba Estates:

Arriba Estates is a real estate company helping people in searching, buying and selling housing properties. No matter whether you want to sale Fuengirola apartments or want to buy one, Arriba Estates can be of great help in all the cases.

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When it comes to buying a real estate, most of the people want to cut huge costs any way they can. It is true that, buying a real estate is exciting and amazing for homeowners, but ending up the entire process without any professional assistance can lead to several future headaches. This is when the importance of hiring professional real estate agents should be taken into account to perform all-round tasks effectively. If you are considering to buying a Fuengirola Beach Apartments, then you must seek assistance from a reliable real estate agent.

Here are few benefits of hiring real estate agents:

  • Quick Processes: Investing in a real estate meaning visiting multiple properties and online websites that takes too much time. Real estate agents know exactly about the overall procedure of buying a real estate, thus they can provide you with quick completion of buying process and peace of mind.

  • Profound Knowledge of Market: Professional real estate agents hold years of expertise and comprehensive knowledge of property market, thus they can assist you in further documentation, pricing and other marketing aspects. They also help you get updated with current market trends, rules and regulations that make the overall process easier and safer.

  • Fulfill Requirements: They help you find a perfect home that not only meet your specific requirements, but also fit in your set budget. You can tell them about your specific requirements such as location, pricing, spacious area outside of the home and a lot more. They can find the best deal for you and make the process much faster.

If you are also seeking the best and reliable team of real estate agents, then Arriba Estates is a name your should take into consideration. Arriba Estates is a leading real estate agency which helps you find property for sale in Fuengirola, Mijas, Benalmadena and Marbella and many more. Their real estate agents boast years of expertise and knowledge of the property market, thus they can assist you in making a right decision that surpass all your demands. Moreover, you can go through their website and explore the featured properties available for sale in Fuengirola and Costa del Sol.

About Arriba Estates:

Arriba Estates is one of the well recognized real estate agencies that helps you invest in Costa del Sol property, Fuengirola apartments and townhouses in an effective manner possible.

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Costa Del Sol is indeed one of the well-known destinations which possess all the requisite aspects that make it perfect for residential purpose. The place has wonderful climate and first-class lifestyle due to which most of the people have affinity towards investing in this wonderful location. Purchasing a property in Costa Del Sol is undoubtedly a wise decision as the place is well-facilitated for the purpose of residence. But, while looking for a suitable Costa Del Sol property for sale, you need to consider bundle of factors such as neighborhood details, location and many more facilities. Such aspects demand expertise handling for making a profitable and smooth property deal. Most people try out their own hands while dealing with such factors but being non-professionals, they may end up with non-profitable property deals. Thus, it becomes crucial to call for assistance of a real estate agent who is experienced and possesses adequate amount of skills for handling property deals efficiently.

Real estate agents have negotiation skills and thus they are able to help you in making profitable and smooth property deals. Whether you want to purchase a well-conditioned property or sell your property at competitive prices, you should always take the help of professional and skilled real estate agents rather than doing it on your own. They can suggest you the most suitable property as per your preferences and requirements. You just need to choose your real estate agent mindfully. Always choose the one who is reliable and has required skills and experience for carrying out a smooth property deal.

If you desire to purchase or sell a property in a hassle-free manner without facing much inconvenience, then Arriba Estates can be a great helping hand for you. It is one of the leading and dependable real estate agencies which can aid you in buying as well as selling a property in Costa Del Sol without causing you any trouble. Whether you are seeking well-conditioned houses or apartments for sale Fuengirola, they Arriba Estates can assist you in the most efficient manner by suggesting you the most suitable property as per your budget and specified criteria. They cover all the areas including Mijas, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella and many more.

About Arriba Estates:-

Arriba Estates is one of the well-known real estate agencies which can help you in selling as well as buying property in Costa del Sol. They can help you in an efficient manner by suggesting you the finest property for sale Fuengirola.

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Why buy an iTunes Card?

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There are certain online platforms and portals from where you can buy iTunes gift card, Google play card (گیفت کارت گوگل پلی) and playstation plus card. Just opt for a reliable and renowned source for buying these gift cards and you are good to go. Talking about such platforms, Daily Flute is a website where these gift cards are available. This Iranian site is the most renowned place to buy such stuff.

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