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TouchIT Technologies launches– a specialist division focusing on interactive flat panels for the AV rental market.

7th January 2017 – TouchIT Technologies is pleased to announce that it has launched – its specialist division focussing on the AV rental market. is a Trade Only supplier of Interactive Flat Panels for the Audio Visual market. “Renting touchscreens in the past has been a challenge” commented Andi Brabin, CEO at TouchIT Technologies. “We've devised the ultimate touchscreen package for the AV rental company” he added.

Ready-to-rent straight out of the box, the range encompasses four sizes, 55”, 65” 75” and 85” that all come in a self lifting travel case. Renting touchscreens is made easy. “Our range can be delivered by a single technician to the rental customer” explained Brabin, “Simply connect the case to an outlet, pop the lid and lift the touchscreen into place” he added. “We make renting touchscreens easy” There are no complicated cables to be connected, no software to be installed and the on-board Android operating system means that the customer doesn't even need to use a computer if they want to take notes during a meeting or deliver a presentation.

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About TouchIT Technologies

Founded in 2008, based in Birmingham, MI, USA, TouchIT Technologies designs and manufactures innovative touch-based interactive products for use in both Education and Corporate environments under the TouchIT Technologies brand name as well as under various OEM brands throughout the world.

TouchIT Technologies has offices in Europe, Middle East and manufactures its range of interactive products in Taiwan. is a trading division of TouchIT Technologies established in 2017 to serve the Audio Visual Rental market and to supply touchscreens “ready-to-rent”

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Swimming pool is the center point of a place and there is no doubt that it increases the value of the property. People love to spend time with their family and friends in clean and well maintained swimming pools. Thus, it is crucial to preserve the beauty of your swimming pools and get them renovated in proper interval of time. Untidy and damaged pool not only harms the beauty of your place but also diverge the affection of your guests to somewhere else. So, if you are looking for excellent company who can enhance the magnificence of your swimming pools by their excellent work then Mid America Pool Renovation Inc. is the reliable option. Mid America Pool Renovation Inc. are the pioneers in offering you services of pool renovation Denver.

Some of the services offered by this leading company are:

  • Plaster and Cement Surfaces: They can renovate your pools with white or colored pool plasters and utilize aggregate products such as River Rok and Diamond Brite for sturdy and appealing linings.

  • Installation of tiles: They install tiles with unique printed patterns that can be customized according to your designs such as corporate logos, school mascots and also on themes like sea turtles and mermaids. They are best in providing services of pool restoration Denver.

  • Formed concrete Bullnose coping: Their experienced staff can create different types of boundary patterns on the side of the pools such as concrete bullnose coping, round-nose coping bricks and cast coping stones.

  • Economical Deck Topping: If you want to improve the texture of the topping of your pool then get it replaced by Texture Dek. Texture Dek is fabricated with graded silica cement and Portland cement and thus it is safe, attractive and long-lasting. They are also versed in Denver pool plaster.

Mid America Pool Renovation Inc. is a renowned company in Denver that possesses experience of almost three decades of delivering services of pool renovation and restoration. The corrosive nature of pool water destroys the interior of the pools and thus swimming pools require renovation and repairing after a regular of time. So, hire the experienced staff of this leading company and enhance the beauty of your pools.

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If you have a swimming pool in your backyard (not the inflatable kind), you know how it instantly increases the value of your house. Not just its monetary value, but also its aesthetics and liveliness. A swimming pool is a good investment for your house if you have kids. When you push them in the pool early, sooner or later they’ll flap enough limbs to learn not to drown. Besides, swimming is one the best and most fun exercises one could ever practice. The area around your swimming pool is a great place for hosting super fun parties. The up-sides of having a pool as part of your property outnumber the cons of having one so bad, that one does not even think about them while investing in a swimming pool. It’s not just a big reservoir with water in it. One has to take care of proper tiling, depths, construction and water filtration when the pool is under construction.

After that, you’re left with a well constructed pool area which you have to maintain, or it all goes down the drain, literally. Pool water is corrosive in nature which makes the interiors of the pool highly susceptible to damage and wearing off. When the interior gets damaged, it’s best to get a Denver pool restoration job. There are companies that specialize in maintaining and repairing swimming pools. What they’d do is tear off the whole thing, and remake it with better materials that last longer.

One such company is Mid-America Pool Renovation Inc. From traditional Denver pool plaster to DiamondBrite and even special materials like Inter-Glass, which they exclusively deal in within Mid-America, they have all the solutions your damaged pool may need. While plaster and DiamondBrite have a 5 year warranty, INTER-GLASS has a warranty of a good 25 years. So if your pool needs fixing anywhere in Mid-America, contact Mid-America Pool Renovation Inc.

About Mid-America Pool Renovation Inc.:

Mid-America Pool Renovation Inc. is a company dedicated to making your swimming pools last long, hold clean water, and look good. Their Denver pool renovation services are absolutely budget-friendly and available to all.

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Are you looking for inground pool repair concrete? If it’s yes, Mid America Pool Renovation Inc. provides you with the best pool restoration and restructuring services. While you might think that your pools have become old, dilapidated and deformed enough to install a completely new structure, but still you must once consider the cost effective and resourceful route of getting them remodeled and repaired by the hands of experts. Yes, pools can be repaired and Mid America Pool Renovation Inc. is one of the best in business to do this. Whether your pool needs resurfacing or re-plastering, they use the best materials and best practices in the industry to bring your old pool back to its old glory.

Cement based Pool plasters is vulnerable to water-chemistry discrepancies. Mid America Pool Renovation Inc. offers the best plaster solutions for your pools. Pool plaster St. Louis is available in DiamondBrite, River Rok, and Krystalkrete among other varieties. While Re-plastering your cement based pool, it is important to know which types of pool plasters can be used and the warranty they provide to keep your investment safe.

A change in tiles can make your old pool look like a new one and Mid America Pool Renovation Company offer you a variety of swimming pool tile repair St. Louis including textured tiles at the most cost-efficient pricing. Commercial pools can be tiled with permanent ceramic tiles while for Hotel or School pools remodeling job mosaic frost-proof tiles are suggested. These tiles are available in different patterns like, school mascot tiles for swimming pools of schools and hotel logos imprinted tiles in hotel pools. These tiles are the most visible part of a pool and should be chosen carefully to make your pool look beautiful to a viewer’s eyes.

The company has over 30 years of experience in the pool renovation and restructuring industry. The company aims to satisfy its customers by using the best materials available which cover durable warranty period. All these services are provided at a cost-efficient rate by Mid America Pool Renovation Inc., keeping in mind the budgetary constraints of their customer. The company has built itself quite a reputation nationally for repairing and renovating pools at extremely pocket friendly quotes and use of best and safe practices by its labor.

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If you own a swimming pool, then it is essential to keep it maintained and cleaned. There are a lot of options available you can use for your pool renovation. Renovating or restoring, your pool is a huge investment so it is crucial that you go for long lasting materials and, reliable repair services. Whether you have just designed a new swimming pool or you already have one, by the time you will realize that your pool needs some major changes or perhaps, you will want to add new features to it. If you find major repairs or upgrades to be necessary such as-

  • changing the shape of your pool
  • Restoration and
  • Repair leakage problem
  • Add heating features etc

You can go to a company that provides all these services. Yet, pool renovations are the most recommended options as they are less expensive compared to other options. Other reasons behind hiring a pool restoration St. Louis service includes-

  • Modernization
  • Maintenance
  • Renovation or worn areas
  • Plastering and coloring

But before you choose a company, make sure they understand your requirements and demands and can complete the project in the most effective manner. Mid America Pool Renovation, Inc. is the leading swimming pool restoration and renovation services provider across the St. Louis, Missouri area. They have been renovating hundreds of pools and providing customer satisfaction to the customers for over 30 years. They are a team of highly professional designers, builders, and technicians, that strives to provide safety, honesty and satisfaction to the customers. They use the best quality materials and tools to meet the standard of a top-class luxury swimming pool. You can contact for excellent pool renovation St. Louis for the commercial and residential purpose at the affordable cost.

About Mid America Pool Renovation Inc.:

Mid America Pool Renovation Inc. is the most reliable company that has been serving customers with the best pool repair St. Louis at highly reasonable cost. You can choose from a wide range of designs and ideas for your pool renovation.

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God bless the soul who invented swimming pools. Pools are the epicenter of all the backyard fun you’ve ever had be it pool parties, barbeques or lazy dips on Sunday afternoons. Yes indeed, seeing a pool gives you smile and makes you want to go wild.

In order to enjoy your pool, it needs maintenance. Now, it often so happens that the structure of the swimming pool weathers out overtime. This can be seen in the form of cracks, degradation of the tiles, rusty gutter lines etc and you might be thinking of getting a new pool altogether. But what if you could get a Chicago pool restoration? The reason being it costs a fraction of getting a new pool altogether.

With modern techniques of restoration and latest construction material, your pool can look as good as a new one. Here are a few things you should know:-

  1. Assessment- Experts assess the condition of your pool and make a detailed report based on observing different components of your pool like interior, deck resurfacing, pool gutters, structure cracks etc.
  2. Preparation of existing structure- The surface of your pool is prepared which includes scrubbing the surface, strengthening the base steel rods and then cracks are repaired by a specialpool plaster Chicago called the inter steel crack repair system.
  3. The final phase – This includes installation of INTER GLASS. It’s a surface created with a mixture of epoxy injection, multi axial fabric etc which acts as a covering shell to the pool surface. It is PVC free, inert to chemicals, seals and repairs cracks, has low maintenance costs and last but not least comes with a 25 year ltd. warranty.
  4. Other services- There are other extra services that can be provided as per your choice .These include installation of new tiles such as frost proof, logo embedded etc, coping of the pool by using TEXTURE DEK .
If you are looking for experts who provide premium grade pool restoration consultancy or services, who have a reputation in Chicago for building pools that exceed the F.D.A standard regulations, you can contact Mid America Pool Renovation inc.

About Mid America Pool Renovation

Mid America Pool Renovation is an organization that has been building premium F.D.A grade swimming pools for the last 30 years. It is one of the leading services in Pool Restoration Chicago, and boasts of a client base like the Trump International Hotel in New York.

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