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A properly aligned spine is imperative for your overall health as spine problems can lead to pain in various parts of the body. Chiropractic treatment is the best option for improving spinal alignment and reducing joint pain. It keeps your body balanced and also provides relief from commonly occurring neck and back pain. There are various chiropractors providing these treatments but Rook Torres is the most trusted. Rook Torres is a leading health care center with a team of skilled and experienced chiropractor boise, to treat all your health related problems naturally.

This exceptional chiropractic care center has been helping patients, under the guidance of Dr. Torres. He is known for providing excellent solutions without using any medications or painful surgeries. He uses several advanced methods such as disc compression and the drop technique, depending upon your problem.

With Rook Torres, you can take advantage of various chiropractic care services which include:

  • Chiropractic care for whiplash:
Whiplash is the most common injury usually associated with car accidents which strains your neck muscles. This type of injury can be treated using natural chiropractic techniques

  • Pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic care:
Dr. Rook Torres offers unique chiropractic care during pregnancy which helps in reducing labor pain during childbirth and improves your immune system. He also offers pediatric chiropractic care which aids in the proper growth of your child.

  • Nutritional Advice:
Dr. Torres also provides nutritional advice and can help you understand the supplements which help you gain or lose weight, improve digestion and so on.

In addition to this, the message therapy offered by his team will melt away any pain. Rook Torres is a distinguished health care center which will take care of your whole family through natural therapies and treatments. Each boise chiropractor can determine the problem and provide a solution accordingly.

Dr. Rook Torres also accepts insurance so you can get proper treatment without any hassle.

For more details, you can check out Rooktorres.com.
The retail apparel industry always look for such technologies that can help them in taking accurate measurement, reduce wastage of material as well as make the task swift. Pattern grading technology is a great tool for the apparel industry, helping them to grade different sizes on the same pattern. There are few companies offering pattern grading software and one such leading company is [TC]2. [TC]2 offers cutting edge tools for the apparel retail industry. The company’s pattern grading software is known to ease the process of pattern grading which involved complex calculations and various rules.

Pattern grading software from [TC]2 comes with in-built rules and guidelines for swift functioning. The pattern grading software can be customized with rules as suitable to the owners and thus, comes along with a user friendly interface. The software also allows you to create your own pattern library and templates to make further grading easier and faster.

[TC]2 apart from pattern grading software also offers a variety of technologies for the retail apparel industry. The company has developed 3D Body Scanner for industry, helping their customers try on outfits virtually. The 3D Body Scan technology is of great help for customers who are tired of trying on outfits to match size and look.

The 3D Body Scanner can easily scan the body of a person and with the help of a virtual screen it allows people to try on different outfits virtually. The 3D scanning process complements the ImageTwin mirror from [TC]2 which displays the virtual body of a person. The virtual body can try on outfits in a matter of seconds helping you decide which outfit is the best for you.

[TC]2 has made a name for itself as the leader in 3D body measurement and visualization. Their dedication towards continuous innovation in developing products and tools for fashion, medical and fitness industries has earned them rave reviews. Apart from the 3D scanner, [TC]2 also offers one of the best 3D printing services in the industry.

For more information about [TC]2 and its products, log on to: Tc2.com.
3D scanning is a revolutionary technology which is deployed in several industries such as fashion and medical. Through 3 D scanning techniques, measurements can be obtained quickly and accurately which make it easy for designers to customize garments according to customer’s size. The benefit of this emerging technology in fashion market includes reduction in size related issues which enable customers to easily purchase dresses through online portals. Thus, 3D body scan helps is increasing sales while also saving customers time.

3D body scanner utilizes laser technology, computer-aided design software and high resolution cameras that can capture accurate tailoring measurements in a few seconds. These devices are not only employed in fashion industry but also in fitness and medical centers. Several fitness centers make use of 3 D body scanners to measure obesity in terms of Body Volume Index. In medical field, ImageTwin body scan is used to track and monitor body shape of the patients which enable physicians to provide the best treatment depending upon the changes in body shape.

There are some companies which offer top class 3D body measurement devices and [TC]2 is the best among them. [TC]2 is the world’s largest manufacturer of 3D body scanning and measurement devices. All their products comprise of unique features and thus can be installed to cater for the measurement needs in fashion, medical and fitness industry.

They provide a vast array of 3D body scanner and measurement devices such as ImageTwin, mobile scanner, ImageTwin mirror, full color scanner as well as pattern making software. These devices can accurately perform point to point measurement and are easy to set up. The amazing features of their 3 D body measurement system can benefit several brands and retailers and facilitate improved & hassle free buying. In addition to this, they also offer software for pattern grading and apparel designing.

[TC]2 is the reputed company that caters to the 3 D measurement and visualization demand for fitness, medical and apparel industry and strives harder to provide you highly efficient devices at affordable prices.

For more details regarding quality 3D body scanning devices, you can log on to: Tc2.com.
Fashion industry has highly transformed itself in this digital era. From web-based shopping sites to 3D body scanning technologies, the industry has become the highest growing trade in the world. Nowadays shopping garments is not bounded to physical stores; you can purchase your desired dress simply sitting at home through online portals. Technologies like 3D body scanning have made online shopping hassle-free as through this amazing technology a person can generate their own virtual avatar for exact body measurements. This enable buyer to purchase well-fitted clothes at the comfort of their couches.

This astonishing 3D body measurement system not only helps in fashion industry but also aids in medical and fitness industries. These are technically modified to get the most appropriate measurement and possess features like point to point measurement in which customer can adjust any two points to measure length between them.

If you are looking for 3 D scanning system for your industry then [TC]2 is the name you can rely on.[TC]2 is world’s best 3D body manufacturer serving technically updated products for better customer satisfaction and experience. Some of the remarkable products provided by the company are:

  • TC2-19 3D body scanner: This device is prepared by world’s first and the largest 3D scanner manufacturers. It can scan body perfectly to provide accurate sizes and other details in just one second. It has remarkable features like compact scanner footprint, full privacy scanning booth etc.

  • Image Twin: Shopping becomes frustrating when you do not get the out-fit of your size due to which you try several dresses but Image twin is a savior to this trouble. Image twin is an efficient machine which captures high accuracy scan, processes the scanned data and creates a custom profile in just 5 minutes. This helps you try your clothes and edit fitting and designs in just one swipe.

  • Finely Fit: For the ones who are tired of searching perfect coach who could manage your diet and track your body measurements (such as height, BMI, body volume etc.), Finely Fit is the best option. Finely Fit is an innovative app by [TC]2 through which you can easily tailor your fitness regime.

[TC]2 also offers services like pattern software, image twin mirror and e-commerce advices for your company’s growth.

For further details log on to: Tc2.com.
With increasing competitiveness in the fashion and textile industry, one of the biggest challenges is to design clothes, which fit customers properly and met their requirements. It is estimated that 46 percent of apparels purchased online are sent back as returns and the reason is common; the fitting was not right. So, how can you reduce online returns? The simplest answer to this question is by using the latest technology for shape analysis and body measurement, which lets the customer buy clothes according to their size.

3D body scan technology is the greatest innovation, which can generate a detailed 3D model for body measurement within a few seconds. It can be used in different industries for different purposes such as airport inspections, textile and retail market etc. With the updates and advancement, it has become more and more important for the clothing industry that they use such machines as they can get many benefits from this exceptional technology such as-

1) Fast results- It takes less than 10-seconds to measure the specific parts of a person's body and, there are also portable scanners available for specific tasks.

2) Accuracy- Accuracy is very important especially in the clothing market and these 3D body scanners offer high-resolution results with accurate measurements.

If you are looking for a trustworthy platform from where you can get these 3D body scanners at highly reasonable costs then, [TC] ² is the name you should rely on. They are the largest body scanners selling company, which has been manufacturing a wide range of 3D body scanners since 1979. Apart from this, they also help designers to use their pattern designs software which aids in accurate and effective designing of clothes.

About [TC] ²:

[TC] ² is one of the best companies, which proffers the best 3D measurement devices for the fashion industry, medical care centers and more. With this 3D body measurement machines and pattern grading software you can take your online fashion store to the next level.

For more information about [TC] ², log on to Tc2.com.
Gone are the days when people used to explore stores and shopping malls for buying clothes, today advanced technologies have raised the standards of shopping and now there is no difference between buying clothes online and offline. With the emerging technologies, online shopping is getting superior every second. These technologies include 3D body visualizer and 3 D body scanners which help in accurate measurement and thus increases turnover of the company gradually.

3D body measurement system helps in accurate measurement and this do not consume much time. Thus, these techniques are increasingly getting employed not only in fashion industry but also in medical and fashion fields. Following points describe how 3D body measurement help in these industries

  • Fashion Industry: This product is used to take the exact body measurement which helps the customers by reducing their efforts of trying different items simultaneously. The trial process is usually hectic and time consuming because of which the customer feels less interested to shop the products. With 3D scanners one can try different outfits on their own virtual avatar with just few swipes. This virtual fitting helps in designing clothes without measurement errors.

  • Health and fitness industry: Nowadays people are generally engrossed in their hectic schedule and finds it hard to maintain their body size. With the help of this technology a person can see a virtual avatar of them and see their changing body density which encourages them to get back a good physique.

  • Medical industry: Various leading medical centers are employing 3D body scanners for monitoring body shape which is vital in various medical applications like cosmetic surgery and treatment of obesity.

There are several companies providing 3D scanners but [TC]2 is customer’s first choice when it comes to buying of advanced 3D body measurement system. The company is known for providing 3D body scanners that comprises of exceptionl features. These measurement devices greatly help in increasing sale of your company.

About [TC]2:

[TC]2 is a renowned company offering 3D Body Scanner along with its installation services. The company also offers pattern grading software which aids in creating designs with extreme perfection.

To know more about [TC]2, please log on to: Tc2.com.
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