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They say the recession is over. They say 223blogmix banks will start lending again. They say there are more jobs out there. And Offshore Banking And High Yield Investmenting yet, there you are, strapped for cash, trying to make ends meet with the very little amount that you hold, making it almost impossible to save money.

But fear not, there are ways to cut back on costs and getting rid of debt, even if it is just a few pennies here and there, as the old saying goes; "look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves." It's true, and here's how:

1. Weekly food shopping- You may not have time to shop around for bargains in this busy lifestyle, but if you do, then do it. If not, try shopping in the late evenings- supermarkets are likely to reduce the prices of items close to the sell by date. This does not mean the food is off, there is a difference in the terms "sell by" and "use by".

And another thing, shop on Download Free Norton Systemworks a full stomach; those who shop on an empty stomach tend to spend more than those who shop on a full stomach.

2. Buy what you need- How many times Code 39 Keyboard have you come home with things you you bought "because they were on offer"? Offers such as supermarket coupons and BOGOF's are tempting, but that's a supermarkets way to make you spend more money than you need to. When shoppers see something that's on offer, they're more likely to buy it even though it's neither a need or a want, they will purchase it "because it was on offer." If you don't need it, put it down, and keep walking.

3. Prada or Primark?- Are you likely to spend £40 on a designer item that you can get in Solution For Error 10003 a cheaper store for half the price except without the name? If so, then see if you can look around the sales for the A Buyers Guide to Dictaphones and Digital Tone of Voice Recorders designers instead of paying full price. Otherwise, try shopping around in other stores, they may not be designers, but they look just as good and at a more reasonable price. And again, think, do you NEED this item, or are you buying it because it's on offer? Either way, no matter how cheap the item is, only part with Visual Basic Advapi32.dll your cash if it's actually needed, rather than if it's worth it, because everything thats cheap is worth it when you're in the store, it's only till you get home and realise that it's no use to you when you see that you spend more than you needed Choose Legitimate Distributors When Buying a Ticket to the Euroleague Finals to.

4. Student/staff discounts- We all have contacts. Students and staff can get up to 20% off at some stores, so keep that in mind and save.

5. Bills- Yes I know, this is the most annoying of all. If you can reduce your bills, then do it.

Change your mobile phone contract by asking yourself how much are you paying each month and for what services, do you actually use all your services? Most people pay for a large number of free texts and minutes and don't even use them. It would be cheaper if you changed your contract for a lower monthly bill? T-Mobile allows its customers Erviewer.ocx Openen to pick a Flex it tariff where once your minutes are over, it works as a Pay-as-you-go. So you know how much you're spending.

If you have signed up to lots of TV channels, and only watch a handful of channels, see if you can change your package deal to something smaller. Find out if they do cheaper deals if you sign up to a larger package deal including internet access and a telephone line; you may find this cheaper than your current contracts.

Always remember, if you're not using it, you don't need it.

Plug sockets, light switches, televisions, radios, switch them off.

6. Insurance- Are you paying extra cash to insure your laptop and mobile phone How to Profit from the Foreign Exchange Currency Market under a different policy? Well you'd better check your home insurance policy. Some home insurance policies cover laptops and phones, so carrying out your own separate insurance for them is really throwing your money away. Turn off your ears Eight Places Your Boat Will Love when you purchase a laptop or phone and the sales assistant is advising you to purchase insurance. Sales assistants are exactly what they are, SALES assistants- they will always try to sell you goods that are not actually needed.

Also ensure to shop around when searching for insurance.

7. Budget- Set yourself spending targets and stick to it. If you're planning to go out, take cash and leave your cards at home to avoid going over the top.

These are just a few of the many saving tips I know of. Try it out for a month and let me know how it goes! You'd be amazed.

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