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Stygian Vise is a belt base type. The belt has the unique implicit "Has 1 Abyssal Socket", which allows a Abyss Jewel to be placed into the belt.

Okay, there's no real TL;DR for this, I'm afraid, but I'll try to keep it as simple as possible:

The rarest form of currency in PoE is called a Mirror of Kalandra. It's so rare that most players - even hardcore ones - won't ever seen one. The drop rate is expected to be about once every 30,000 hours.

Currency in PoE isn't just used as money, it has uses when applied to items. There's a currency for rerolling the number of sockets on an items, there's one for rerolling the colour of sockets on an items, there's one for rerolling the links between sockets, there's one for rerolling the stats on an item completely, there's one for rerolling the values of the stats while keeping the same types of stats. The most expensive one that most people will ever use adds a stat to an item.

A Mirror of Kalandra will create a duplicate of an item (known as a "mirrored" item). This mirrored item cannot be modified in any way (which includes not being able to mirror a mirrored item to create a duplicate of a duplicate). Because Mirrors of Kalandra are so incredibly rare, you only want to use them to duplicate the absolute best gear you can.

Items can roll with many different stats in PoE, and those stats will roll within a range. The item that this entire thread is about is an example of an item that has rolled not only with stats that are all very desirable, every stat also has the absolute maximum possible value. With items that are close to perfect, or completely perfect (like this item), players will often offer a "mirror service" - they will keep the item, but other players can provide a Mirror of Kalandra and a "mirror fee" in exchange for a duplicate of the item to use as their own.

DemiGodKing is one of the more prominent people in the community to offer mirror services. Many of the items he offers are of kinda questionable value - they often have close-to-perfect or perfect rolls on the stats, but the combinations of stats themselves aren't necessarily valuable. They are all still fantastic items, though - better than what most people will ever see - just not necessarily worth the cost. He just throws them into his mirror service because, hey, why not? If no-one wants them then it's no real loss for him, and if people do want them then he's made a profit.

Demi plays in the standard league. In PoE there are temporary leagues, which typically last 3-4 months - everyone starts completely fresh in a league, and the leagues have unique mechanics whcih aren't seen in standard, so most people play in the temporary leagues. Once a temporary league ends, all the characters and items from it move into standard. This means that standard is where all of the currency ends up. Standard doesn't ever reset, either, so people who primarily play standard end up very rich.

PoE had a new expansion and league launch a couple of weeks ago. The new expansion brought a lot of new, powerful items - a lot of the well-rolled-but-not-anywhere-close-to-perfect items from the new expansion rival the things that people were offering mirror services for previously. The new league also brought new items - the belt shown in the OP is one of those. OP played in hardcore, where if you die your character and the items it had equipped are moved into standard. OP died with the belt on, so it moved to standard despite not being able to drop in standard. The belt type is far more powerful than the other belt types available because it has a socket where you can add a jewel for a lot of additional stats. OP then spent some of the mass amounts of PoE currency they had in standard (that had ended up in standard from all the other leagues) to craft the belt into a perfect roll.

Because it's a prefectly-rolled belt with a base type superior to any types that can drop in standard, it's a much better belt than anything the long-time standard players can offer. It completely outclasses any belts that people like Demi offered in their mirror services.

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