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Various pollutants and microbes in the atmosphere cause contagious and infectious diseases. These germs and pathogens are not visible with naked eyes but they lead to serious health issues. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures in order to thwart off such infectious bacteria. Ubiquitous hand sanitizers can greatly prevent you from cold and other infectious diseases. It is not possible to carry soap and water everywhere, thus hand sanitizers are best substitute that can effectively kill bacteria and germs on contact.

There are some reliable companies that provide diversity of alcohol free and alcohol based hand-sanitizers. GermBloc is one such reputed brand as well s online supplier of effective alcohol free hand sanitizer. These sanitizers are greatly helpful in killing 99.99% of bacteria along with moisturizing the skin. The sanitizers are safe for your toddlers as they contain chemicals in very less amount. Non-alcohol sanitizers generally contain small concentration of Benzalkonium chloride and Povidone-iodine. Moreover, alcohol free sanitizers of GermBloc are effective in reducing gastrointestinal infections and protect you from fungal infections also.

Some of the advantages offered by alcohol free sanitizer lotion supplied by GermBloc over alcohol based sanitizers are:

  • These lotions have non-drying and non-irritating properties

  • Alcohol free hand sanitizer lotion is generally itch-free since it does not contain harsh chemicals

  • These sanitizers and lotions contains ingredients which work as antiseptic

  • Alcohol free hand sanitizers can be used on chapped hands as they do not irk or pain.

  • They evaporate optimally and leave a pleasing aroma on hands.

The hand sanitizers provided by GermBloc can be the trusted allies for your health especially during cold and flu season. These sanitizers are easy to carry and also they do not cause any irritation on the skin. Though the hand sanitizer lotion provided by this online store is free from alcohol yet they are surefire germ killers. GermBloc is one of the leading online sellers of alcohol free hand sanitizers and lotions. Number of sanitizers and lotions are available at their site at affordable prices. Thus, you can purchase them in bulk for purpose of schools and offices. You can also purchase these alcohol free sanitizers and lotion from various retailers of the company such as Albertsons and Costco wholesale.

Thus, if you are looking for supreme alcohol free sanitizers and lotions, then Germ Bloc’s sanitizers are the best choice.

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