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Frank Curtis
Imagine you and your some friends locked in a mysterious room and pictures, numbers and words revolving around you and scrawling all over the ceiling and the walls. A spectral voice announces that you just have 60 minutes to escape out of this hell and when you slightly reach under a dim bulb to think if you can get some clues, the voice again blares out saying” 40 minutes have already passed”. Escape rooms are one of the most exciting adventures of all times, and when it comes to famous escape rooms White Plains, you just can’t miss it.

Escape room is so much popular at present time that people are organizing Escape Room World Championship, around the globe. There is no way getting bored of this game. Every time you enter into a room, there is no minute to yawn or take a minute nap. This is one of the most engaging activities for the night owls.

If you have not visited any of the escape rooms Westchester NY, then you have already missed a lot of fun from your life. Your 9 to 5 schedule needs an adventure to live in. Planning for it? Great, then here are some tricks which can make your first escape room experience awesome:

  • Listen to your teammates:
You often need to try everything to make your team function the best. So, it is important to listen to the crazy idea of your teammate. If the idea is not reasonable then also you will have fun while working upon it.

  • Always go for well timed hints:
A hint too early or too late could ruin your experience, which is why, don’t rush in getting all the clues before knowing the complete scene.

  • Don’t clump around the same puzzle:
To be a part of this adventure, you have to be a contributor to a puzzle and not just a spectator. It will be more effective when you will spread your team to work on what needs to be done.

Now, if are all set to go for this adventure and looking for the best escape room in New York, then The Puzzle Parlour can be your dream destination. The place has amazing live-adventures to live in. Spend you quality time with your friends and family enthusiastically at The Puzzle Parlour.

About The Puzzle Parlour:

The Puzzle Parlour is a place for people who love live-action adventure unlike any other casual experience. They offer one of the best nightlife activities Westchester NY.

For booking your escape room, log on to:
Frank Curtis
Haven’t you always wanted to be a part of an adventure fantasy, where you could be the hero, saving your friends or colleagues from the ongoing apocalypse? The Puzzle Parlour is one such place where you can fulfill your dream of becoming a hero. The Puzzle Parlour is the perfect place to escape from your busy lifestyles. The place offers four different adventures for their customers to choose from where each adventure has its unique setting, theme, story and puzzles. The adventure ensures team work and cooperation building qualities among teammates in order to escape the room in the cut-off time of an hour. Thus, people looking to conduct team building activities Westchester NY may find The Puzzle Parlour as the best option.

The adventures include four different scenarios based on difficulty levels. These scenarios make you investigate your employer, or stop a corrupt officer from pulling a heist or save your friends lives with a life saving serum that you must find. All levels can be completed within an hour’s time, making it the perfect White Plains family entertainment. The Puzzle Parlour is the perfect getaway for you along with friends and family. The live action adventure game ensures a thrilling experience for the adventurers while they race against time to complete the set tasks.

The Puzzle Parlour is also the perfect place to host parties. While you may get bored of visiting the regular bars and food joints, The Puzzle Parlour offers you a new and thrilling experience every time. Each adventure requires you to play a different role which ensures that you are never bored of repeating the same tasks. The live adventure is the perfect birthday plan for you along with your friends or family. With increasing difficulty levels, each adventure is an upgrade on thrill of the previous one. While looking for fun things to do in White Plains NY, The Puzzle Parlour could be your best bet for an hour of fun-filled live action adventure.

For more details about The Puzzle Parlour, log on to:

Or visit: 131 Court Street

White Plains, New York 10601

Ph: (914) 368-8222
Frank Curtis
Are you looking for a reliable online store to purchase trendy pre-owned jewellery? If yes, then Alvalady brings you an extensive collection of used jewellery including stylish wedding bands, chains, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and earrings. All their jewellery is made using high quality metals and precious diamonds. They boast a team of the finest craftsmen who are dedicated to bring unique designs for their customers.

Alvalady is one of the leading online shops where you can also get excellent range of Cartier love necklace, Cartier love bracelets, earrings and other classy accessories. If you are the one who prefer simple neck pieces crafted with natural gemstones then Cartier love necklace is the trendy necklace, you must opt for. You can also gift this necklace to your lady on her birthday or your first anniversary.

They also have a wide range of engraved wedding Cartier love ring and bands. Alvalady understands the value of your hard-earned money and they endeavours hard to provide you elegant necklaces and earrings at highly affordable rates. Their second hand jewellery is crafted with extreme perfection and no one could even guess that you are wearing a pre owned necklace or ring. They also provide screwdriver along with their love bracelets engraved using diamonds and gold screws.

In addition to this, Alvalady also provides handbags of several brands such as Dior, Longchamp, YLS, Hermes, and Gucci. Whether you are looking for handbag with soft leather or grained calfskin, you can purchase the desired handbag in attractive colours from this online store. All their handbags are made using quality material and offer you a trendy look in wide range of out-fits.

Summing up, Alvalady is the perfect shop to purchase just one nail bracelet (juste un clou bracelet), Trinity De Cartier necklace, diamond paved love necklace and pre-owned handbags of superior quality. They also assure you fast and the safest delivery of your order.

For more details about Alvalady, please log on to



103A, B1, Main Building, Buty

Exchange Plaza, No.121, Guangyuan

Xilu, 510010, Guangzhou City,

Guangdong, China

Phone: +8613555660312
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Frank Curtis
Are you the one who is looking for a store to purchase pre owned cartier jewellery which is fully restored to ‘as new’ condition? If yes, then, Alvalady is the best option for you. Alvalady is a leading online store which offers wide range of pre owned jewellery at highly unbeatable rates. Based in China, Alavalady is known to provide the best selection of wedding and engagement jewellery which are crafted with unique designs. Each of their jewellery is made using the highest quality of material and thus you can be rest assured about the class and eminence of the jewellery.

Buying pre-owned jewellery has benefits in several ways. Pre-owned jewellery is available in discounted price and purchasing this jewellery offers you an opportunity to own a small part of history. Older pieces of jewellery were hand-crafted employing excellent skills and knowledge and those designs cannot be reproduced today. This is the reason why Alvalady brings you unmatched second hand diamond rings which are crafted using unique designs. The team at Alvalady is dedicated to provide elegant and stylish jewellery. Their jewellery comes with assurance of structural integrity and craftsmanship. Their extensive jewellery collection includes rose gold pave diamond earrings, rose gold with mother of pearl amulette de cartier necklace and many more.

In addition to this, Alvalady also offer you pre-owned bags of superlative quality. All the handbags available on this online store are made using the finest material and thus there are highly durable. They have fine range of classic and micro belt handbag which are in trend and can be complemented with any type of dress. Gucci, Chanel, Celine are among the popular brands that you can purchase from Alvalady. One of the main advantages of purchasing bags from this web-based store is that you can purchase bag of your favorite brand without creating a hole in your pocket.

Alvalady is one stop destination for those who want to purchase cartier wedding rings and branded bags. They strive harder to provide high quality products to customers at affordable prices.

For more information about Alvalady, please visit

Or Contact:

103, A, B, Main Building Buty

Exchange Plaza, No. 121, Guangyuan

Xilu, 510010, Guangzhou City,

Guangdong, China

Phone: +8613555660312
Frank Curtis
Poster printing is the great approach to adorn walls and stands. A well designed and high resolution poster can be very beneficial to represent promotional campaign of new brand and launching products. This can attract more customers to accept that new product and brand. A catchy and colorful poster is enough to draw attention of people for the same. Poster printers play a crucial role to produce such quality prints of promotional purposes.

UV Flatbed (Hybrid) Printer is perfect machine for wallpaper and poster printing. It is one of the revolutionary and high performance printing machines for current poster printing industry. These poster printers are comprised of several advantageous features and specifications that produce high printing quality and effect on different wallpaper products.

Here are some unique features of UV Hybrid printer or poster printer:

  • Great compatibility: These poster printers are highly compatible on different material along with wallpaper materials such as PVC, PU, wallpaper, canvas and soft film. They can meet several marketing requirements and offer wide range of production services for printing industries.

  • Perfect printing position: UV poster printer can avoid misplace prints occurs due to manual printing. Poster UV printer can precisely find the correct position to be print. This can be benefited for wallpaper etching, wallpaper crafts and other wallpaper engraving.

  • Easy printing approach: Poster printing don’t require plate making, repeat chromatography, plate burning and other processes and instruments for thermal transfer. It can greatly save a lot of human resources and costs. is one of the renowned manufacturer and designer of high performance poster printer in Shanghai, China. They are found in 2007 and now become customer's topmost choice in providing a large selection of industrial digital printers such as textile printer, spandex fabric digital textile printer, UV flatbed printer, solvent printer and eco solvent printer etc. at reasonable price. They are guaranteed to provide high resolution prints on a variety of printing materials.

About is a prominent supplier of a vast array of digital printers which include, wood printer, advertising printer, acrylic printer etc. They are also known for their international after-sale service team and customer support.

For more details regarding quality industrial printers, you can log on to
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Flip Jupiter
Marcozo is a well recognized online seller offering an extensive collection of elegant jewelry and accessories at affordable prices. This Toronto based online business was started in the year 2015. They offer the most stylish lion Hamsa necklace, lion bracelet, rings, and Buddha bracelets and so on. All their products are custom-designed and well-crafted with the best quality material that meets all your expectations.

Here are some products available at Marcozo:

  • Necklaces: They cater a wide range of necklaces with unique pendants of Lion, Buddha Bracelet and Hamsa. All these necklaces are made from the top quality gold metal. These are even crafted with Franco chains and roped styled chains. Whether you want these necklaces made from white gold, yellow gold or pink gold, Marcozo is the only shop from where you can get amazing necklaces and make a new style statement.

  • Bracelets: If you love to wear an elegant and classy bracelet then you can purchase it from Marcozo. You can choose you desired piece from collection of skull, Buddha, lion, and anchor bracelet. These bracelets are crafted with blue jasper, matte black and tiger eye beads. They are also created with advanced bonding technique in order to deliver the best and durable products possible.

  • Rings: They offer an exclusive and unique collection of rings centered with lion pendant. These rings are prepared with such detailing work that clearly represents the lion face. If you love to wear gold rings with unique designs then Marcozo is the one stop shop for you. Their rings are available in yellow and even rose gold.

Concluding this, classy jewelry and accessories play a significant role to complete your dressing style and enhance your appearance. Jewelry crafted with antic pendants can make your look unique when you are on usual hangouts or night-outs with your friends. You can also wear Buddha jewelry with class designs at different events.

Marcozo is a leading provider of such jewelry with lion pendants, Buddha pendants and antic skull pendants. They even offer 12 months of warranty on all their products. They also offer free shipping all over the world on more than $50 orders.

For more details regarding chic jewelry, you can log on to
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